Founded by internationally known Ugandan artist, Fred Mutebi, Let Art Talk is composed of individuals from Uganda, the Netherlands, and the United States of America who are dedicated to arts advocacy and educational empowerment.


Fred Mutebi is an internationally recognized printmaker. Since graduating from Makerere University in 1993, Fred has worked towards advocacy through art. In 2001, Fred was selected as a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at Christian Brothers University in the United States of America. After his return to Uganda, Fred founded Let Art Talk© leading workshops and presenting lectures internationally.

Let Art Talk© team Uganda is key to the success of Let Art Talk© projects. This team collaborates with artists and community leaders who work closely with individuals and groups throughout Uganda. In addition to leading and developing these community projects, this team partners with LAT© USA and LAT© Netherlands.

Since 2000, Kinderen van Uganda has worked in Uganda and Holland with Let Art Talk©. LAT© Netherlands focuses on work in Kibinge, Uganda. Projects including: small agricultural activities, school gardens, water education, Community Action Plan (CAP) workshops and art workshops.

In 2008, Fred Mutebi brought Let Art Talk© and his Talking Murals© to the USA through the University of North Texas. LAT© USA continues to work with Let Art Talk© initiatives in Uganda and the USA–promoting the message of educating through art. Projects focus on the creation of Talking Murals©, curriculum development, research and evaluation, and promoting cultural arts.

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